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Discover Seamless Legal Solutions with Henry Negrete’s Global Expertise at Civica Law


At Civica Law, our mission is to provide unparalleled legal services with a focus on client satisfaction and operational excellence. Leading the charge in this endeavor is our Chief Operating Officer, Henry Negrete, whose global leadership and dedication is a cornerstone in ensuring our attorneys and paralegals have the tools in place to allow them to provide a seamless client experience.

Global Experience, Local Impact

With over two decades of experience in finance and operations, Henry Negrete’s background in managing international teams has endowed him with a unique global perspective. “All experience helps one become a better leader,” Henry shares. “At Civica, the ability for our attorneys and paralegals to communicate effectively with clients and quickly determine their needs is critical. This skillset, honed over years of global leadership, is invaluable in our firm’s mission to deliver exceptional service.”

Henry Negrete, COO, Civica Law

The Critical Role of a COO in Legal Operations

As COO, Henry oversees all non-legal aspects of the firm, ensuring that every department operates smoothly and contributes to our growth.

“My role is to assist with the successful management and growth of Civica Law, from accounting and finance to IT support, client support, marketing, HR, and business strategy, I am involved in all facets needed to run the firm efficiently.”

Henry Negrete

The Imperative of Efficient Processes and Systems

In the legal field, minimizing disruptions is key to maintaining productivity. “One of the main reasons efficiency is so important is to reduce interruptions,” Henry emphasizes. “We strive to simplify our processes and systems, thereby minimizing the disruptive nature of interruptions. This approach not only reduces the learning curve for our team but also allows them to be highly efficient, ultimately benefiting our clients.”

Crafting a Seamless Client Experience

Providing a seamless experience is critical in the field of law. “Clients want to know they are being taken care of promptly and accurately,” Henry points out. “With our attorneys being proactive in communication and presenting solutions before a client even knows there’s an issue creates a feeling of seamlessness. This approach transforms us from being just a vendor to a trusted business partner.”

Henry believes that the best growth strategy is to prioritize customer satisfaction. “There is no better strategy than having customers who are raving fans,” he asserts.

Track Record of Success and Growth

Among Henry’s greatest achievements is the successful launch and steady growth of Civica Law. “Getting this firm off the ground and into a steady state has been a significant accomplishment,” he notes. “The fact that we are growing faster than anticipated is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication.”

Henry’s career spans various industries, from legal technology to life sciences. His expertise in integrating people, processes, and systems has significantly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of Civica Law’s operations. With a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance from San Diego State University, Henry continues to drive our attorney’s performance and client satisfaction forward.

Henry Negrete’s global experience and commitment to our staff’s client experience have been instrumental in Civica Law’s success. His leadership ensures that we not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations, making Civica Law a trusted partner in the legal industry.

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