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Lake Elsinore Crime-Ridden Property is Vacated and Removed


A severely substandard, single-family residence was littered with significant health and safety hazards and inoperable vehicles. After numerous attempts to obtain voluntary compliance, this orphan property was deemed uninhabitable by the City of Lake Elsinore. An orphan property has missing or deceased owners, which many times results in a court-appointed receiver. This property had a deceased owner and the next of kin disclaimed any interest in it.

During the first attempt to renovate the property, Riverside County sheriffs raided the property for drug sales of fentanyl and methamphetamines and found 15 occupants residing on-site. Following this incident, the City removed 8 tons of interior and exterior junk, trash, and debris.


The property was vacated, secured, and within compliance again. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be the solution to the blighted property. Only a few months later, more individuals broke in and started a fire that burned the entire property. The City conducted an emergency abatement to demolish immediate dangers posed by the remaining residence.


The Lake Elsinore residence is now a vacant lot with no municipal code violations on-site. The property was sold to a buyer who intends to keep it in compliance. Additionally, the city obtained full cost recovery saving the city and its taxpayers a significant amount of money.


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