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Civica Law Resolves Long-Standing Problem Property in Ventura, Results in Complete Neighborhood Revitalization

In the heart of San Buenaventura, on Phelps Avenue, a single-family residence once stood as a blight on the community. The property, plagued by dilapidation, rodent infestation, and extreme unsanitary conditions, had been red-tagged by City staff as unfit for human habitation. For years, the City had been grappling with code enforcement efforts, receiving hundreds of complaints from neighbors regarding hazards and violations.


A Collaborative Solution

The situation presented a unique challenge, as the property was occupied by an elderly owner and her adult disabled child. Balancing the sensitivities of the occupants while enforcing the code required a nuanced approach. City staff and Civica Law rose to the occasion, building a rapport with the property owner and collaborating with the City to address both the code violations and the emotional needs of the occupants.

Civica Law’s Role

Civica Law played a pivotal role in this transformation. Attorney Lauren Brown noted, “Our team was committed to handling this case with compassion and efficiency. We’re proud to have played a part in not only revitalizing the property but also in enhancing the overall quality of life in the neighborhood.”

An agreement was eventually reached for the property owner to sell the residence to a developer capable of conducting the necessary cleanup and remediation. This resolution was a win-win for all parties involved, including the property owner, who was able to relocate closer to family.


The Impact: A Neighborhood Reborn

Today, the property on Phelps Avenue stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and legal intervention. It is now in full compliance with city codes, and the neighborhood has been significantly uplifted. Of Counsel Daniel Ohl added, “This case is a testament to what can be achieved when legal professionals, city officials, and the community work together towards a common goal of enhancing public safety and neighborhood well-being.”

The successful resolution of this case marks the close of a chapter of code enforcement efforts and serves as a shining example of how dedicated efforts can transform a troubled property into a source of pride for a community.

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