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Civica Law Celebrates the Transformation of Salinas’ Historic Bruhn Building: A Testament to Community Revitalization and Collaboration

Last year, Civica Law shared an exciting update about the collaborative efforts to breathe new life into the historic Bruhn Building in the heart of downtown Salinas after being destroyed in a February 2016 fire. Today, we are thrilled to report the completion of this landmark project.

The transformation of the Bruhn Building, a property owned by Taylor Farms, represents a significant milestone in the rejuvenation of Oldtown Salinas. Once a burned-out shell of its former self, the building now stands proudly as a beacon of urban renewal and community development. The renovation has introduced 19 residential rental units on the upper floors and revitalized 6,200 square feet of retail space on the ground floor, paving the way for increased downtown living and commerce opportunities.

This remarkable turnaround was made possible through the unwavering dedication, expertise, and passion of the City of Salinas’ code enforcement team. Their tireless efforts, combined with the strategic legal support provided by Civica Law, were instrumental in ensuring compliance and facilitating this transformative endeavor.

At Civica Law, we view our role not merely as attorneys but as community partners, deeply invested in the collective success and well-being of the neighborhoods we serve. This project is a testament to that commitment.

Recently, Civica Partner Valerie Escalante Troesh had the privilege of visiting the renovated 300 Main Street site alongside Code Enforcement Manager Lorenzo Sanchez. During her visit, Valerie witnessed the vibrant change firsthand, from the bustling boutiques on the first floor to the modern residential spaces above.

“Seeing the Bruhn Building come full circle from a neglected structure to a thriving hub of community life fills me with immense pride. This project is a clear demonstration of what we can achieve when we come together, combining legal expertise with a shared vision for community enhancement. It’s not just about restoring a building; it’s about revitalizing the heart of the community.”

Partner Valerie Escalante Troesh

The transformation of the Bruhn Building culminated in a well-deserved recognition for the Salinas Code Enforcement Team, who received an award from the City Council for their significant impact on the community. Civica Law was honored to stand alongside these dedicated professionals, celebrating the collective efforts that have redefined the downtown landscape of Salinas.

As we reflect on this journey, from the ashes of a once-neglected building to the flourishing heart of a vibrant city-center, we at Civica Law are filled with gratitude and pride. This project underscores the power of partnership, perseverance, and shared commitment to the communities we cherish. We look forward to fostering more of these transformative projects, ensuring that our cities continue to thrive and serve as beacons of positive change.

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