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Valerie Escalante Troesh: Pioneering Legal Excellence for Community and Public Safety at Civica Law

by | Feb 21, 2024 | Careers, Team Highlights, Valerie Escalante Troesh

Valerie Escalante Troesh, a partner at Civica Law, epitomizes leadership, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to enhancing community welfare through public entity law. Since 2016, her collaborative efforts working with Matthew Silver, the founding partner of Civica Law, have profoundly advanced the firm’s expertise in critical areas such as code enforcement and community health and safety, nurturing an ethos of excellence.

This article shines a light on Valerie’s influential work, from her pioneering drone policy initiatives to her instrumental role in the revitalization of the Bruhn Building in Salinas, California, and her advocacy for safety in the code enforcement profession, enriched with her insights.

Valerie Escalante Troesh, Partner, Civica Law

Advancing Drone Policy with Expert Insight

Valerie’s authoritative stance on the responsible use of drones by municipalities, especially in the wake of the Castañares v. City of Chula Vista case, showcases her expertise. Published in the Western City Magazine, her analysis provides municipalities with a roadmap for navigating drone technology within legal and ethical boundaries. Valerie states, “Ensuring that drone policies are not only robust and adaptable but also aligned with privacy concerns and operational protocols is critical for municipalities aiming to leverage this technology responsibly.”

Her guidance assists municipalities in harnessing drone technology for public safety without infringing on privacy rights, demonstrating her foresight in blending technological advancements with legal compliance.

Learn more about the Chula Vista case in our article, “Navigating New Heights: How a California Court Case is Redefining Access to Drone Surveillance Footage.

Revitalizing the Bruhn Building: A Legacy of Community Impact

The transformation of the Bruhn Building in Salinas, California, under Valerie’s legal guidance is a testament to the tangible impact of legal work on community development and revitalization. Her visit to the building in October 2023, offered her a firsthand view of the project’s success. “Seeing the building come to life with vibrant boutiques and meeting business owners working out of the revitalized space was incredibly rewarding,” she adds.

This project, emblematic of Civica Law’s commitment to community betterment, highlights Valerie’s dedication to making a real difference. The city’s struggle to engage the property owner in the administrative process ultimately led Civica Law to initiate a nuisance abatement action. This decisive action, amidst the challenges of the pandemic, facilitated a collaboration between the city, the property owner, and The Taylor Group, paving the way for a comprehensive multi-year revitalization effort.

Valerie takes particular pride in sharing this aspect of her work with her children, “This is the type of work I’m proud to tell my kids about. It’s a tangible representation of how legal intervention can foster positive change and contribute to the community’s well-being.” Her involvement in the Bruhn Building’s transformation stands as a career highlight, embodying her passion for utilizing her legal expertise to foster community development and economic growth.

Learn more about the Bruhn Building in our article, “Civica Law Celebrates the Transformation of Salinas’ Historic Bruhn Building: A Testament to Community Revitalization and Collaboration.

Advocating for Code Enforcement Safety In All Areas, Including Biosafety and Public Health

Valerie’s leadership extends into the realm of officer safety in the workplace, where her advocacy for comprehensive legal frameworks to manage hazards—from biosafety, public health, to harassment and threats—underscores her commitment to officer safety. “Officer safety is paramount,” Valerie states, referencing the enactment of SB 296 (co-authored by Matthew Silver), which mandates code enforcement safety standards. She elaborates on the complex risks associated with unauthorized chemical labs with hazardous chemicals, biohazard waste/agents such as bacteria, virus or parasites, among other harmful elements.

Valerie recalls a recent speaking engagement she presented on in Monterey, California in conjunction with the California Association of Code Enforcement Officers where she discussed officer safety in the light of SB 296 and biosafety challenges with a code enforcement officer from the City of Reddy, who encountered an illegal biosafety lab with numerous pathogens and affiliated dangers, highlighting the diverse and serious risks these environments pose. “Multi-jurisdictional coordination, involving state and federal actors, is crucial in addressing these challenges effectively,” she asserts. “Having a safety plan in these situations is paramount,” she adds.

Learn more about SB296 in our article, “The Successful Passing of SB 296 Aims to Safeguard Code Enforcement Officers.

A Vision for Continued Excellence and Growth

Looking to the future, Valerie is enthusiastic about fostering the growth of Civica Law and mentoring the next generation of legal professionals.

“I am excited about the opportunity to work with our expanding team to continue providing top-tier legal services to communities and jurisdictions across California.”

Valerie Escalante Troesh

Valerie’s leadership and vision for Civica Law highlight her commitment to excellence, mentorship, and the enduring impact of legal advocacy on public welfare.

Setting the Standard for Legal Service and Community Impact

Valerie Escalante Troesh’s contributions to Civica Law and the broader legal community reflect a deep commitment to enhancing public safety, revitalizing communities, and navigating the complexities of modern legal challenges. Through her work on the topics above, plus her other areas of expertise ranging from drafting and implementing local laws, handling Federal and State litigation, to advising and representing public agencies in administrative matters, Valerie demonstrates a comprehensive approach to law that marries technical expertise with a profound commitment to the public good. Her insights and leadership not only navigate the intricacies of contemporary legal issues but also pave the way for safer, more vibrant communities across California.

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