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Shaping Justice and Dreams: Rachel Rogers’ Journey from Legal Inspiration to Innovator at Civica Law

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Team Highlights

Rachel Rogers‘ career at Civica Law exemplifies a journey of inspiration and determination. From a teenager captivated by “Law and Order: SVU,” Rogers, now a paralegal and single mother, has recently taken a significant step forward by leading the criminal cases at the firm, showcasing her growth and expertise in the field.

Academic Pursuits and Professional Growth

Rachel Rogers, Paralegal, Civica Law
After obtaining her associate’s degree and paralegal certificate from Santa Ana College in 2016, Rogers chose a career path that balanced her passion for law and a less stressful environment than law school. Her tenure at the Legal Aid Society, dealing with family law – including domestic violence cases, provided her with valuable real-world experience. Her membership has significantly influenced Rogers’ professional development in the Orange County Paralegal Association (OCPA).

“Joining the OCPA has been an exciting and enriching experience, offering critical legal seminars and helping maintain my credits for certifications. It’s played a pivotal role in building my resume and advancing my career.”

Rachel Rogers

Stepping into Leadership: Rachel’s Role in Criminal Law

Recently, Rogers has taken on a more prominent role at Civica Law, becoming the lead paralegal for the firm’s criminal law practice. Her primary duties involve initially handling citations, wrap sheets, and garnering police reports for violations.

She is imperative in preparing attorneys for hearings, including initial arraignments and pretrials, and ensuring that case files are comprehensive and ready for court. “The wrap sheets, which provide a history of the defendant and their violations, are vital. Preparing these details and ensuring our attorneys are fully informed is a critical part of the legal process,” she explained.

Mentorship and Future Aspirations

Senior Paralegal Lauren McElroy, a mentor and a key figure at Civica Law, has been instrumental in Rogers’ growth. “Working with Lauren has been an incredible learning experience. Her expertise in civil litigation and federal filings has been an invaluable resource for me,” Rogers commented.

For Rogers, this career is more than just a job; it’s a commitment to her son and a way to contribute meaningfully to her community. “Seeing my son’s understanding of my hard work is incredibly rewarding. It’s about making a positive difference while building a stable and fulfilling life for us,” she stated.

Looking into 2024, Rogers is excited about attending court hearings with attorney Daniel Ohl to experience courtroom dynamics firsthand. She also aims to become a notary by the end of the year, expanding her role within Civica Law and her ability to assist clients.

“Taking the lead on criminal matters at Civica Law is a new and exciting challenge for me. It’s an opportunity to continue learning, growing, and making a real difference in our community,” Rogers expressed.

Rogers’ story is an inspiring example of how dedication, mentorship, and hard work can shape a successful and impactful career in the legal field. Her journey from being inspired by a TV show to leading criminal cases at Civica Law Group is a testament to her resilience and commitment to serving as a role model for single mothers and aspiring legal professionals.

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